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Tournaments of Champions (TOC) has quickly emerged as the premier one-stop shop for grassroots basketball tournament play exposure.


Tournaments of Champions 2018-2019 will be hosting several showcase tournaments as well as hosting NCAA live period events. All events with have several media outlets as well our very own


Tournaments of Champions Exposure scouting service. We are a national premier source for basketball. We are an NCAA compliant scouting service that offers unique & valued opinions throughout the basketball landscape. The TOC Platform offers nationally recognized exposure camps, AAU tournaments & High School showcases with the chance to play in front of prime time coaches & scouts. 


Exposure: The great thing about TOC is that with so much great talent, we record and keep stats at each game, giving every player the well deserve opportunity to shine. It also gives us an opportunity to evaluate and critique the unique and special talents of ALL players that participate in our events.

Media: We offer a unique blend of exposure opportunities from our scouting service for college coaches that attend our showcases and tournaments for players. Our TOC team spends days and nights in the gym always looking out for the next player to feature in an article or invite to a showcase. Follow us on social media as well, for all of the latest updates involving where we will be and what talent we have our eyes on while we are there. Visit the site frequently as our media team is constantly producing new content inside of our media page as well.

Events: Our Calendar of Events gives you an in-depth rundown of upcoming exposure opportunities, tournaments and camps inside the TOC umbrella. It’s a time for players to be seen by our report team as well as numerous college coaches.



We strive to have our events at the top of the line facilities/gyms for our events. We have onsite trainers as well as a Medical Specialist, for your safety. 

Super Saturday Showcase: Super Saturday Showcase is home to the Saturday only Round-Ball! It is a one day, Saturday only exposure basketball tournament. Every Saturday we have teams coming from all over to compete. Our one day, one champion format makes every game competitive and exciting.